Gregor Koenig


Technology used the right way for the right cause

Gregor Koenig | Technology used the right way for the right cause

Hi, I am a professional, self-motivated, and open-minded person with experience as engineering manager, software engineer, international project manager, and lecturer. I am passionate about technology and developing amazing solutions together with like-minded people.

My core competencies as engineering and people manager lie in creating trustful spaces to enable people to develop their professional careers, strive in their roles, and live up to their full potential. This establishes a basis for to successfully deliver outcomes with teams and internal as well as external peers.

Currently I work as an engineering manager at Barracuda Networks in Vienna, Austria, where I lead a team of talented engineers who develop the CG Firewall Control Center, a central component of the market-leading CG Firewall product for globally distributed large-scale enterprise networks.

Here you can find more about my professional career.

I love science and I hold a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the Medical Univerity of Vienna and a MSc in Computer Science from the Univerity of Salzburg.

Here you can find more about my academic background.

I am a founding member of the Feigenhain Initiative, a non-governmental non-profit organisation registered in France, with activities in Brazil, France and Austria. Our campaigns focus on humanitarian aid and cooperation, protection of the natural environment.

Besides of my passion for technology my other interests and hobbies include